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B I O G R A P H I C A L  N O T E S

Elena Peinado Nevado was born in southern Spain in Granada, where she spent her childhood and where she studied. She got a degree in psychology at Granada University in the year 2000, and a diploma in artistic photography at Granada Art School in 2003. In 2004, she settled in south western France where she is living and working now.

With her early photographic works, Elena Peinado is already showing an endless research of a personal vision, with different technical processes. Her work ranges from argentic black and white, in which she uses very contrasted films like technical Pan, processes of forced development, lith paper, cibachromes, colour and black and white infrared films, inversed development processes, the use of expired films, up to her most recent numeric photos that study movement at the moment the photo is taken.

In Elena Peinado’s photography, the world waves between dream and reality, between neatness and loss of focus, between movement and stillness as in a hesitation between time and space. Her pictures deal as much with beauty as with disappearance, with the mystery of the moment as with the slow and inevitable transformation and decomposition of the world. Whatever the period, her pictures reveal a kind of imaginary realism, more characteristic of  painting than of photography, bringing us closer to the romantic dream and to nostalgia.

After years of studies and personal researches through movement, dance, body and above all breathing with the choresophe Michel Raji, she has taken up photography again in an intimate and immediate dialogue with landscape, being inspired by Nature in order to learn how to see its silence and its poetry, hence creating her recent works: El Paisaje ConMovido and Ad Tardis Scere.